Friday, 11 November 2011


Last evening I watched a programme about bomber crews during WW2 and remembered a poem I had copied from a BBC2 programme in January 1986 called The Watchtower.I was going to copy it out then found this website with a photo of the poem, 'Old Airfield' - It's at East Kirby airfield in Lincolnshire, an ex-Lancaster base, whose call sign was 'Silksheen'. Perhaps it's because it holds the idea of memories lingering in a place where so much was crammed into a few short years that it appeals to me. There are more websites, too, if you are interested. And it's Armistice Day.


Kath said...

What a lovely, touching poem.

Sylve said...

Thanks, Kath. The man who wrote it was Aircrew at this base, I believe. I like war poetry of either of the wars as it's usually written by men involved in the fighting so they know what they're writing about.