Sunday, 11 September 2011


Dinton held its first ever Scarecrow Competition yesterday with some entries being shown at the church and others round the village. This elderly lady was the first one I encountered, sitting beneath a lovely display of flowers and waiting for someone to bring her a cuppa and slice of cake.

The entries were done by children and adults and this young cyclist was waiting by the door for her companion. A jolly piratical gent, with dagger thrust in his belt, was guarding the porch door and
a young lady named Lavender waited nearby. I wonder if this is prompted by something on The Archers as there was a letter from one of the actors, plus photo, not far away.
Oh dear, a lady succumbing to the excitement of the day! However, help was arriving as I left, carefully making my way back up the cobbled path.
It was a grey day - again - and this gentleman's extremities were getting cold but help was at hand...Perhaps he nipped round to the Seven Stars before taking his place outside his home.
Another couple look a little bit under the weather....
A guard is obviously angry about the prospect of HS2 spoiling the locality. Dinton will hear the noise of these superfast trains.

Dad's been left to look after the children while Mum's taken some time off.
A couple of young ladies decided they wanted to make scarecrows - and why not a horse and a dog, complete with his bowl? Dad explained that a scarecrow was usually a person but they stuck to their guns and produced these.

Not far away a quiet gentleman was fishing, complete with his umbrella and fishing rod. You can see the fish he's just caught, there on the left hand side as it swings gently in the breeze.
A simpering Miss was the last scarecrow I saw in the village but I may have missed a few as Dinton is a place of little dead ends and many corners. Perhaps some were put out after I'd gone home with my snapshots but a varied and colourful display.


marigold jam said...

Brilliant! A French friend sent me some photos of a couple of scarecrows she and her husband had made and won second prize with and an article about the scarecrow competition in our town in France. I hadn't ever heard of such a thing before but what fun!!

Kath said...

Great photos! I thought the first one was you, until I opened it up properly and realised it was wearing the wrong kind of shoes LOL :-D
I guess that's me off the christmas card list this year hee hee

Bernard said...

ROFL & LOL. How Kath could think that was you!!!
I wouldn't get away with a comment like that.
Actually I thought it was too good to scare crows. They would probably all flock to her expecting a few crusts.

Kath said...

I heard she received a proposal of marriage from some old gentleman who wasn't wearing his spectacles :-D

Sylve said...

You can go off people, you know! And I don't wear skirts, either.

Bernard said...

I've always admired ladies who "don't wear skirts".

I know. We are all lowering the tone of your excellent blog. Sorry.
Actually, I loved all those scarecrow pictures - and the straw horse & dog.