Thursday, 25 August 2011


I was in Tesco the other day, heard a child saying, 'Look what I've got', 'Can we have this?' and all the usual pleadings from a child - the Mum had a succinct answer - 'Your ears aren't working'. That just tickled me!
Many years ago I was trekking back to the car to unload my carboot treasures before going back for a second go when a Mum and two small girls crossed in my path having done the same thing. Mum said to the eldest child (6-7ish) , 'You're an angel,' whereupon the younger child said, 'And what am I?'. By that time I'd passed on so I didn't hear the answer- I wonder what it was.
Has anyone heard little snippets that caught your attention at the time?
Bucks have put aside £25 million for road repairs - not everywhere, you must understand, that'd be asking too much! Consequently there are small yellow information boards popping up sited on low easels (of course) on the verges to say Road works will begin here in x days time - when you can read it, that is. But so many roads are going to be sorted at the same time it'll be hard to find a way round them's a case of Wait and See.
Another council has joined the fight against HighSpeed 2 making 17 in all. The aim of the Stop HS2 site is to get 100,000 signatures to force a debate in Parliament. It's estimated that £51m will be the cost to every Parliamentary constituency in the country...If you're interested in signing and saving yourself money - the petition is at
Wouldn't you expect that if you live in the country you'll hear country type noises?? A neighbour across the road from the stables is complaining about the noise of the hens going about their daily business, ie laying eggs. The cockerels were given away at their request.... I have two near neighbours who own chickens and I'm not aware of them.


marigold jam said...

What's happening here yesterday your post appeared on my dashboard but when I clicked on it the page was not available and now today it appears but there is nothing there! "Is there anybody there said the traveller knocking on the moonlit door?"!!!

Sylve said...

Hi 'Marigold', You get these confused messages because when I start to blog I put in the title then hit the return key which posts it before I've written any text. The same thing has happened again this morning. Yesterday I got fed up and deleted the lot but even so today I hit Return again. It's an automatic reaction for me! Sorry about the confusion. It's a 'Please try again later' situation, I think!

Bernard said...

Ha,ha. Is that what causes it?
I thought you may have been saving it as a draft, to finish off later.
As you know I do all my bits 'back to front' (last picture uploaded first). Well, my title is always chosen after I have written everything up.

If I get a chance, I shall sign a 'real paper' petition about HS2. I think these e petitions are a 'con' to fob us off, making us think something will be done. There are quite a lot up now and I bet none of them come to anything. Sorry to be cynical about it, but I just do not trust politicians at all, - especially 'Call-me-Dave'.

marigold jam said...

Glad that's sorted then I began to think it was gremlins in the works again! I am with you on the chicken and country noises front - what do people expect? Our neighbour has a few chickens and a cockerel and I love to hear them busily cluckking and the cockerel is no problem either. Hope your council will do the repairs in stages and not all at the same time or it sounds as if you will be stuck!