Thursday, 9 June 2011


I recently ordered another package of random choice wool on eBay - the seller's choice, that is. It's ideal for blankets and I still have left-overs from the previous package I bought from her. At £10 for 16 balls plus £6 for postage that's just £1 a ball, no slogging round the charity shops to see if they sell wool (some do) and paying about £1.30 for it, though admittedly you are buying your choice of colour, if they have it. Wool shops are hard to find, in fact, I don't know where there is one! This comes to my door neatly packaged..
I reckon 5 strips make a blanket about 45" wide and I've just started strip No.3 of blanket No. 3 in the current series.


Kath said...

OOh lovely colours.
I don't think it will take yo ulong to whip through that lot Silve.

Sylve said...

Knitting and reading - lovely way to pass the time! I've found knitting and listening to an audio story sends me to sleep!!!

Bernard said...

Lady in Thame Market had some at £1 a ball not long ago. Down t'other end to 'date seller'. I think next to the bloke selling shopping bags etc. She has it all stacked up in a white trailer. How do I know? I buy my batteries and black plastic sacks from the same stall.
Audio tapes always send me to sleep as well.