Thursday, 17 February 2011


I was shopping in Risboro' this morning (before the sun came out) and spotted a few bits and pieces which might be of interest.

This butchers'shop has always had interesting blackboard notices - one says 'Wild Rabbits' so I wonder what would happen if it said 'Tame Rabbits' one day, would anyone notice??? Anyway,
I went in to ask whether it meant old and expensive or some old lady was being recycled but the assistant assured me no-one was missing...

This is another advert from 2007 but who read it as it's written???

Coming back round the corner I came face to face with this - my usual bugbear - outside the sandwich shop/cafe which had the Exiting Job Offer (though that wasn't their spelling!

Sounds as if it's something in Hobbit-land.

Across the road, outside the town library, there's a memorial to a US pilot who died when his aircraft crashed in 1943, saving a disaster in the town.
And the text on the plaque.

Twenty six (or twenty one) year old Clyde Cosper and his crew left their B17 base in Bedfordshire on a mission to bomb the U boat pens at Bremen. Bad weather caused the plane to encounter problems and the pilot ordered the crew to bail out while he stayed at the controls, steering the plane away from the little town of Princes Risborough. It crashed just outside the town and the full bomb load exploded. The pilot was awarded the Air Medal and Purple Heart. Some memorabilia is on show at Wycombe Air Park.

A local lady organised for the memorial to be built and in 2001 attended the opening of the State Veterans Home named after Clyde Cosper.
Nice to know he's not forgotten.


marigold jam said...

I'm like you with spelling errors on notices. One of my favourites is Bramley's so much a kg. Bramley's what I want to ask!

Hope the sun stayed out where you are - it's lovely here today so am off out in the garden now.


Sylve said...

I bet you have the Highways signs which say something like 'H.G.V's in low gear'. I stuck masking tape over the apostrophe on one of them some years ago but someone Who Knew Better took if off.

Kath said...

I bet Uncle Bernard will like these, he uses the butchers in Risborough for his offal :-D

Sylve said...

He'll probably remember the one which said 'Fair birds and fine wine make good companions' - or something along those lines - about 3 years ago when I didn't carry a camera round with me as a matter of course.

Bernard said...

I did enjoy them! :)
But, sorry Kath, I only end up in Risborough on a Sunday, when only M&S and Tesco are open. :(
If you get there (Tesco) about 3:30pm the fishmonger sells loads off at half price, which I take home and freeze.
Poor old pensioner! :o