Monday, 10 January 2011


Yesterday I received an unexpected gift from a friend. A couple of months ago I had made some knitted mittens for her aged aunt who has very bent fingers and so can't wear commercial gloves. I never thought any more about it until yesterday when she turned up with this hellebore as a Thank You from them both.

I think it is Helleborus niger, aka as Christmas rose, as the flowers are different from the ones in my garden, which are Helleborus argutifolius, the common garden ones which used to be known as H. corsicus.
Not quite sure where to keep it for the moment, I don't want to frighten it with the outside temperature!


Kath said...

As it was my wool you used, I think I should have half the plant :-D ha ha

Sylve said...

Come and collect it, then, m'dear....!!
I made two pairs in the end. It would be a good project to make mitts for elderly people rather than baby mitts, bonnets and bootees for charity. But where would you deliver them to? Sally Army, perhaps?