Friday, 7 January 2011


I'm sorry this print is so small but I don't know how to enlarge it - any ideas?
Every month I get a free magazine with lists of local tradesmen and very useful it is, too. There's an unusual service offered almost at the end of this listing - can you spot it?


Bernard said...

Hi Sylve,
I notice your photo was very large.
1600 high X 1163 wide.
There was a lot of wasted white background space that needs to be 'cut' out.
Go to 'Pictures', 'Preview, then up at the top you will see 'Fix'. Click here.
Then on the right hand side select 'Crop' and you then position the frame to the size you want. ie cut out all the unnecessary background. You can 'undo this and have another go, so you won't lose anything. Or take a copy before you start if you feel safer that way. My blog pictures end up about 650 x 600 which is good enough for blogger and saves file storage because they are smaller.

Bernard said...

I forgot to say - that when you load that re-sized picture up to blogger, it will, or should fill the width of you column.
The reason your pictures are overlapping the text (as in your previous post) is probably because you changed your template. (just guessing) :)
Cheers....again, Bernard

Sylve said...

Hi Bernard,
How kind of you to give me that info, I'll certainly give it a try. I'm not at all technical so don't normally fiddle about with anything. The template was put onto the blog by my granddaughter but she's in Southampton and comes home on flying visits - I'm not tinkering with it as things tend to disappear!
Thanks again.

Kath said...

Unc B to the rescue :-D

Bernard said...

Glad to be of help. I never know how experienced people are, (or not) so, I didn't want to make it sound too simple - but it really is. :)
Just take some photos of Ashley, and play around. You will get to like it because cropping cuts out all those things that get into pictures which you wish weren't there. :)
Let me know if you get stuck or need any more help. :)
Yes, I agree, leave the template for the time being.