Friday, 17 December 2010


This is the view from my bedroom window, in one direction. The sun is shining on the houses in the background and it was a good contrast with the very dark cloud which was coming my way. Last evening/night there was just a light dusting of dry snow, so what's lying on the garage roof and ground is nothing serious, like icing sugar on a Victoria sponge. It rained at tea time yesterday but my car doors were iced shut this morning with the cold...

Twenty minutes later it was like this and still snowing.

And an hour after that the snow had gone and there's a blue sky, sunshine in the garden... is it any wonder we're always talking about the weather???

On Wednesday 15th December I meant to post that it was the anniversary of Glenn Miller's disappearance after he took off from an airfield in Bedfordshire but never arrived in Paris, where the band was waiting for him. I'd been to the Eye Clinic and had drops put in and couldn't see what I was doing so wasn't able to post that day. There's a very readable book called 'Next to a Letter from Home' by Geoffrey Butcher which is about Major Glenn Miller's Wartime Band. Just looking to see when it was published(1986) and noticed that the author has signed the first page.

(Later - I realised I hadn't put in the date of the disappearance - it was 1944.)


Kath said...

That sky looks laden wth snow! I know what you mean about change, when we set off for our walk this morning, there was snow on the ground,but bright sunshine. Within 20 mins of being out, the skies got darker and darker and we found ourselves in the thick of a blizzard!

crafty cat corner said...

It has just started to snow here in Brighton and it is quite frightening to see how thickly it has laid in such a short time. We have made sure we have ample supply of cat, fox and wild bird food so we are ready for the worst.
I love to see the snow but am always sad for the wild life.

Sylve said...

How right you are, ladies - there was no real warning before the snow began. I scraped a patch on the patio and put out bird seed, peranuts etc and had quite a collection of chaffinches, tit family,blackbirds and Kath's favourite bird, starlings, but only half a dozen at most, not several thousands!
The badger is still coming every night, as I discovered when bread I'd thrown out for the birds (and they'd left after dark) had all vanished by the morning, likewise peanuts and a couple of mince pies!
Crafty Cat - I was in Brighton during the 1939-40 winter - that was a very hard one!