Sunday, 26 December 2010


I began making this bag several months ago during the summer. A friend gave me a piece of what I think was skirt material with a border print with the pattern gradually changing as the height increases from the hem. It was long enough for me to cut two identical pieces so that I could make a bag to replace one I made a long time ago (but which won't be discarded). I like the colours on this piece.
I handquilted aound the sails and hulls of the yachts and straight stitched the sea level, too. I wanted it to be a bag with a gusset so that was cut from a piece towards the top of the material where the sky design has changed to 'white' with blue speckles. The handles and top binding are cut from slightly lower down where there's more blue in the pattern. I like padded bags - they don't flop like single thickness material does - I've incorporated a little bit of batting into the handles as well this time and hope they'll wear better than the previous bag's did.I chose a lining with a tiny turquoise pattern to complement the outside and now that's finished.
What can I do now???
(The lining material came from the same friend who gave me the yacht material...)

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