Thursday, 25 November 2010


Gillian came round yesterday, not to garden but to help clear out the cupboard under the stairs. It's long and narrow and I'd never be able to do it on my own. Or, rather, I'd lose interest, having to keep backing out with something before going back again.
So, Gillian to the rescue.

It took a couple of hours and quite a lot of that time was - What's This? I have a Lock and Lock box full of various cables with different 'ends' which have come with some purchase or other and I have no idea what they're supposed to do. There are various bits of ironmongery and plastic, an unwanted extension bar thingy for multiple plugs, an iron flex which is 'too good to throw away', a rechargeable screwdriver with (I think) the correct charger, too. What's that Belkin box for? Is it something to do with the computer dongle???

I'm waiting for my son to come and look through this muddle and tell me what I need to keep, what he will take and what's destined for the wheely bin. I dumped a paper basket full of stuff in there yesterday and Gillian, bless her, took home two carrier bags of things to clutter up her home.

Next week it'll be the shelving up in my workroom - files, felt, wool, local history stuff, a box of card which I can't bear to throw away - can't wait!


crafty cat corner said...

What's what Sylve, can't see anything?
Or am I going mad ?

Sylve said...

You're not going mad - I had posted on a temporary basis and was trying to delete the Medium photo for a Large one and the instructions I have written down to Delete haven't worked this time so there will be two to choose from.How aggravating when something which has worked before won't work this time. Grrrr!!

Kath said...

My whole house looks like that LOL

crafty cat corner said...

You know that most of the stuff you throw away will be wanted at a later date don't you?
Of course it has sat in the cupboard for years and you have never needed it, but wait until you get rid of it.........

Bernard said...

"I’ve got a pile of rubbish
That doesn’t mean a thing,
In fact, each time I look at it
My eyes begin to sting."
Despite its dreary presence
I’ve come to realise
It really would be suitable
To win the “Turner Prize!”

See...I recognised your talent straight away. :)

Sylve said...

You are a witty lot! I love your comments and the 'pome' at the end, crafted by Bernard!
Briony, some of it I didn't even know I had, such a new pair of Cloggies garden shoes which are obviously waiting for one of the current pairs in use to disintegrate.My son came this evening and another two bags of bits have gone home with him and another paper bin of clutter for the dustbin tomorrow then it's all dispersed. The carpenter came to price up a collection of jobs and I got him to take a dustsheet, too...

Micki said...

Nice that you are getting the clutter all organized!