Monday, 29 November 2010


Stuart and Helen's dog had to be put down a month or so ago after a large lump was found which was inoperable.

Helen wanted to get another dog quickly but this time not to choose a pedigree dog so they plumped for this one. Her name's Bella, she's now 10 weeks old and is a bitser dog - bitser collie, labrador and springer spaniel. It's the first time she'd been here and was into everything, especially if it smelt of food! The cat's food had to be lifted out of the way while she trotted all round the room, investigating everything. Trying to take photos wasn't easy - so every picture is of her rear end!

At least she didn't leave a puddle anywhere! Ashley decided to go outside for a while and he wasn't bothered by her scent when he came back in again - later.

Perhaps next time I see her - in warmer weather down at the stables - maybe I'll get a shot showing her face!

At last! A sort of full frontal... Take me home, Mum!


crafty cat corner said...

She looks lovely Sylve, I would love a little dog but with my lot I think it would be asking for trouble. I know what you mean about taking pictures, I have such a job with the cats, they don't sit still for one moment.

Kath said...

Delightfully gangly :D

ha ha my word verification is "gingly"

Sylve said...

Hallo, ladies.
Don't you find you can only really photo cats when they're asleep or so relaxed they couldn't care anyway - you certainly needs lots of patience!
Gangly is probably the right word - the puppy is all legs at the moment and her tail reminded me of the old-style starting handles going round and round in circles.

Kate said...

What a cutie! I wonder, as she is part collie and part spaniel, if she'll have longer fur as she gets older.

Sylve said...

Hi Kate,it'll be interesting to see if her fur does grow. At the moment it's smooth and fine like baby hair.