Monday, 22 November 2010


No, I don't mean me! I don't like the trailing wires of a normal vacuum cleaner, scared I'll get tangled in them and have a fall, so a few weeks ago I borrowed my son's robot cleaner to see if I liked it. Yes, I did. It's like an obedient servant trundling round your rooms.

His model is several years old now and the new model is much improved. You can see the older one on the left in the photo and the silver and green on the docking station is my Home Help. Not from Social Services, either.

When it has finished cleaning it docks itself onto the home base and recharges; with the new edition it's much easier to clean the filter and although the rubbish bin is relatively small, after the first few times of use it's quite sufficient. For me, it's 'heavy' to take upstairs but it takes all the cottons, snippings and scraps of batting in the workroom, trundles under the bed and out the other side collecting all the cat hair and fluff as it goes. You'd be surprised how much grot it finds in a 'clean' carpet!

Ashley's not scared of it, as he was with the usual cleaner, perhaps because it doesn't thump the floor or has a different 'voice'. If it nudges him he just moves out of the way.

One thing it can't do and that's stairs so they're still in Mucky Mode while the two levels of rooms are fine!


Kath said...

That's so cool SIlve, I wonder if they do a "heavy duty" one to clean up after the builders :D

Bernard said...

Tell Kath Silve, that the "heavy duty" ones are called 'husbands'!!!!

I'd just love to watch what happens when it bumps into your cat. :o

Sylve said...

Hallo Bernard. Husbands, hmmm. Got rid of mine back in 1973...
Kath - builders not clearing up after themselves, tut tut..