Monday, 15 November 2010


A while ago I was saying that I couldn't get 'block dates' for cakemaking as supermarkets don't keep them nowadays. Bernard kindly sent a message to say that 'pitted dates' are available in Thame market so last Tuesday I went to the stall, perfectly identified by Bernard, and was able to purchase a packet. The date cake above is the result. There's one snag with this cake - I use an American US silicone 'tin' which means the cake is too long for any of my cake containers - I have to eat a sizeable chunk while it's hot... how sad.
The recipe comes from the WI Book of Cakes and I use it all the time - I'm much better at rubbed-in cakes than the creaming method, so here goes, in case you'd like to have a try-
20 minutes to make, about 55 mins to cook.

(8 oz SR flour
(1 tsp mixed spice, 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg. Mix these together in the bowl.
4 oz margarine Rub into the flour.
4 oz sugar Stir into mix.
6-8 oz mixed fruit Add to bowl.
(1 egg Whisk the egg in a basin or measuring jug.
(milk Add milk to make 5 fl. oz.
(1 tbsp jam, syrup or marmalade to add to this mix if wanted. Mix well.

Add to mixing bowl, making a soft, dropping consistency.
Put into 6" cake tin or a silicone mould, bake for c. 55 mins at 150C or 300F or Mark 4 for Gas.
Dribble what's left of the egg/milk mix over the cake, shake sugar over it and get a shiny, crunchy top. Definitely a cut and come again sort of cake.

(Why do other people's recipes look so tidily printed and mine's a mess? Narrow column to write in perhaps? Grrr!)


crafty cat corner said...

I am glad its not only me that cannot find block dates, the loose kind are really not the same are they?
Am going to give this recipe a go and don't worry about the bit that fell off, I won't tell........

crafty cat corner said...

Looking back on your blogs I noticed the fox that visited in the daytime, they usually only do this if they are unwell and I wonder if he has mange, this I have successfully treated with homoepathic drops obtained from Fox Welfare found on the net. If he is still visiting see if he has bare patches, it takes only 2-3 weeks to see a difference in the coat when given regularly and untreated the fox dies an awful death.

Kath said...

OOh fax me over a slice Silve! Briony, Morrisons sell block dates.

Sylve said...

Not here they don't, Kath!
Thanks for that, Crafty Cat, but I haven't seen it for a while now. Had a visiting one some years ago, borrowed a cage from RSPCA but couldn't entice it in to be trapped and that had mange. The bit fell off the cake cos I cut it while it was hot...
I've used a homeopathic remedy on a cat with eczema before (sulphur) and that cleared the problem- mine, too - when conventional medicine didn't in 18 months!

Bernard said...

Looks really yummy!
I'm glad to know I have my uses. :)
PS..and if you need anything unusual in the 'cooking line', that cook-shop down by Superdrug sells everything.
I was after some of those old fashioned short skewers (6"). I got them there.
Everyone else sells those long ones for the BBQ.

Sylve said...

So did I!! I used mine for stabbing jacket potatoes which I put in the microwave