Sunday, 24 October 2010


As Kath at Hill Cottage knows, there's a huge walnut tree three gardens away from me. A squirrel obviously has a favourite branch in my sycamore tree to perch on while he munches on his ill-gotten gains.
He must be the gardener who thinks I need dozens of walnut trees sprouting in the flower beds and plant pots every year. He adds a handful or ten of acorns from the oak tree I grew from an acorn many years ago and these pop up across the garden, too. I can't blame him for the sycamore sproutlings which appear; they, at least, are windborne.


Kath said...

...and now I have my own! I've been harvesting them by the bag full. I don't like walnuts particularly, but I will be able to give them away. No signs of squirrels here fortunately, which means my bird feeders remain un-vandalised!

Bernard said...

I didn't have a Walnut tree until the squirrels started burying their nuts all around the garden. I caught one yesterday putting one in my hanging basket! Cheek.
I did let one tree grow and now manage to harvest a few. One year I picked them green and pickled them for Christmas. Last year I had a great bowl of ripe (wet) nuts. I ate a few, but they seemed rather bitter. :(
Cheers...Bernard from Bucks.