Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Yesterday was the last day when it's supposed to be 'nice' so I went out for a walk across rough ground and downhill at that!

The pedestrian gate to the stables that Stuart and Helen own (son and dau-in-law) was plagued by people parking their cars outside it so, with the help and agreement of the people living opposite, have put up these posts and logs to stop it; so far none have been removed or knocked down! Touch wood...

They've got chickens there, too, and these are the nosy ones which came to look - they're several feet higher than the ground I was standing on. Having a happy scratch among the weeds and being looked after by the cockerel.

These are my bugbear, I just don't like cows, even though they're unlikely to cause any harm so I try and stay away from them. These were in another field but could get into the part I was walking on. And lots more out of sight behind the hedge.

While I was stumbling my way down the hill with the help of my thumbstick - and avoiding the cow pats as well as I could, this soundless plane passed high in the blue sky leaving a couple of perfect contrails. Wonder where that had been and was going?

I saw this lovely twisted old tree - what a subject to try and draw or paint with its interesting trunk and dead branch sticking out to the side.
Just beyond this was a field which had already been ploughed and a large tree has been left in the middle. Don't you feel grateful that the farmer has bothered to 'draw' round it rather than cut is down and make an open field? It gives some character to what could have been 'just a field'.

When I got home I washed all the muck off the thumbstick, made a cuppa and felt pleased that I'd made the effort to go out.


Kath said...

That was a lovely walk Silve, it's ages since I've been "down that way". Talking of cows, we had to walk past one very close yesterday, it was that or scramble down the bank to avoid her. Ellie decided the cow ought to get out of our way and ran at her heels barking. The cow was most offended and kicked out at her. I had to get both dogs on the lead and march them past, luckily the old girl forgave us and we hurried poast unmolested!

Bernard said...

How strange you should post about these logs. Do you know, it was one of these that I tripped over last Tuesday. There was a little row of them alongside the road at Ilmer Church, as you say to stop people parking. I was stepping over one and caught my toe on it. :(
Down I went!
Still sore now, after a week. :(
It was nice yesterday, a bit of a nip in the air I thought. I spent my day tidying up the garden.
Have just read your lovely bit on Cuddington - I know it well.
- Well, not all that well. (Shabbington Steam for me) :)
Cheers.... Bernard

Sylve said...

Hallo Bernard,
Thanks for your nice comments. Hope you didn't get too many bruises from your fall.
Can you explain Shabbington STEAM, please? Why Steam? I don't know Shabbington at all...

Bernard said...

Hi Sylve,
My bruise is now a week old and looks worse, but the good news is - it doesn't hurt anymore. :)
That was just a short-cut way of saying I go every year to the big 'Steam Rally' at Shabbington. It used to be held at Worminghall near Waterperry but was moved some time ago. It is similar to the one they have at Prestwood. I did a write up with some pictures here:-
if you fancy a peep. :D