Saturday, 30 October 2010


I went to a table top sale this morning at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Aylesbury, which didn't have many stalls at all, not like the last time I went in the spring. But I did get this Indian bag for my granddaughter, Sarah, who is at Uni doing Costume Design and Photography, the latter being her favourite part of the course. This is just the sort of thing she'll like; it has an orange cotton interior with a zip and washable in cold water, too. For 50p how could I leave it behind?

As I left I thought that, many years ago, the local council actually got something right when they planted these trees. This is effectively a gigantic roundabout in the middle of what used to be

called a 'council estate'. Bright golds and greens at present but in the summer the fresh green leaves are just as pretty. That's the church building in the background, not houses.
Time for lunch.

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