Thursday, 14 October 2010


A few pictures I took recently when I walked down a local lane - all hedgerow plants.

Are these ash keys??? It looks likely from an illustration in a wild plants book.

These are ivy flowers which had small bees and a butterfly or two on this quite large expanse of ivy. Unfortunately there was a ditch by the hedge which I didn't fancy getting caught in so couldn't get any closer.

This is known as Old Man's Beard or Traveller's Joy and is the seed pods of Clematis vitalba, smothering the hedgerow underneath it.

I don't know what plant these berries are from - is it White Briony???

Must have another look in a few weeks time to see what else has turned up. Other photos I took this time weren't worth downloading so they've been deleted.


Kath said...

My favourite time of year for the berries and leaves. I do like old mans beard.

Micki said...

It is my favorite time of year too...the colours are amazing!