Sunday, 31 October 2010


I finished the top this afternoon in 20 days - very quick time for me nowadays! There are 170 triangles and 20 half triangles at the ends of the rows.

There's material of all kinds - plaids, checks and stripes, abstracts, plenty of flowers and a few pictorial prints. They come from all sorts of sources; from jumbles and car boots, some I've had for so long I can't remember where it originated. The spotty material was collected so that I could make my then two small great granddaughters a Spotty Nighttime Quilt when they moved house. I like spotty material!

Other material was given to me by a friend who was downsizing and said to take what I wanted - all yardages, not scraps, another piece was given to me by an Art Group friend - it had belonged to her mother. One piece of green print came from Cuddington Fete this year and some I had bought from a lady at the last table top sale in the spring. We got talking and she turned up on my doorstep one afternoon with a bag of All Sorts, including this magic material.
This rhinoceros has friends, too...

A blue crocodile, but I like this one, being a 'catty' person. You can almost hear it purring...

Pictorial prints seem to be few and far between but I did have a small piece of lightweight curtaining in one donation, a strip of toys.

The cow parsley with the white rabbit came from a summer
skirt which was based on reeds, dragonflies and water birds (there's a bird's head balanced on the bottom border) but I have no idea why cow parsley was included! However, it has been a useful design.

Now comes the hard work, getting the batting cut and backing
pieces stitched together and pinned. I can't get down to do
this on the floor any longer and my working table is against the
wall so it has to be done in sections. I hope I shall be able to use this quilt as a practice piece for machine quilting as I intend to keep this one. It doesn't have to be perfect in that case.

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Kath said...

Thats fab Silve! better finished and imperfect, displayed and in use, than stuck in the cupboard,living life as a UFO!