Thursday, 21 October 2010


Some years ago I bought a very nice concrete garden ornament of a reclining gender-free person, head on arms and feet in the air. This cropped photo shows it in its prime.
And this is how it looks now, rather sad and sorry..... It's just split into slices, probably due to the very hard winter we had at the beginning of this year, and age.
This lamb was originally an impulse buy and it lived on my bookshelves as a bookend until I needed the space, when it was relegated to the garden. It's grown a handsome mossy coat in the time it's been outdoors.

My gardening lady, Gillian, made this for me two years ago, as a present. Nice lady! It's usually facing the other way up. It hasn't broken or acquired any mossy growth - well done, Gillian!


Kath said...

I spotted that dragon fly the first time I came to visit Silve.I have a mosaic which stays outside and that hasnt been affected by frost either, I wonder if it's a frost proof cement? The tutor produced it and we made it up with water, so I havent a clue what was in it. Francien will tell us as she makes some fabulous mosaics. Have you seen her rooster?

Sylve said...

No, Kath, I haven't seen her rooster, just her lovely fabric creations.

Micki said...

Lovely garden oranments!