Thursday, 28 October 2010


Today is a real mixture. Yesterday I received the parcel of patchwork material which I bid for on eBay and won and these are just a few of the character pieces rather than the floral ones. . All patchwork material, rather than the recycled clothing I'm used to.These three are some of the more notable pieces - I wonder what the script on the left says? A nice piece of Christmas fabric - not that I like Christmas but I do like gold lines in material, and a closeup of the print on the piece at right, below. It isn't this grey colour, it's really an olive green with darker green writing.
It says things like 'Lovely Quilt', 'Needlework', 'Laugh Often', 'Live Well' and 'Home Sweet Home'. All nice sentiments...

I wonder if anyone can tell me what this was originally used for? I think it must have come to my family many years ago before the war when my Granny went charing for a local lady with money and who probably gave her this piece. I think it's cloisonne work and the little putti are some base metal. Any ideas? It's only about 3 1/2" high.

At the end of the day when I go up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire I look forward to making contact with this final item. Ah! The bliss of sliding down my permanently cold feet onto a very hot hot water bottle...
'And so to bed', as Pepys is supposed to have said.

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