Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Yesterday started well - I came downstairs, began to fill the kettle for breakfast tea and then realised I was standing on soggy carpet. Had a look under the sink to find the shelf was layered with water, the shoe boxes I keep all the sprays, tins and containers in were disintegrating and dusters were sodden. I think it was Scarlett O'Hara who said - I'll think about it later - so that's what I did.
Once breakfast was over I phoned the plumber (at 7.30) and he arrived just after 8. Every surface was covered with damp/wet cleaning things plus a huge patch of damp on the carpet, just where he had to kneel, but within half an hour he'd found the problem, replaced the joint which was leaking and dried the shelves as well. I was quite happy with the prompt service and thought £65 was a fair price to charge. What a good job I'd asked for his trade card the last time he'd been to the house...

Then off on the almost 50 mile round trip to the dentist where I thought I was going to have a tooth out but the dentist had other ideas - a filling. An injection because the tooth was a bit touchy then filled and £45+ left my purse. But I do have another 2 months free treatment if there's a problem with this repair.
Had a quick look round the charity shop opposite but nothing there, this time.

I managed to read some of the new edition of Radio Times, too, while I sat in Waitrose' car park on the way home munching a hot cross bun, and in an article about reversing the ageing process using various mature people once in the public eye it recommends - 'write down three good things about your day before you go to bed'.
I reckon mine yesterday were - the plumber coming so promptly, having a filling rather than an extraction and a neighbour from along the road bringing three carrier bags full of home grown produce, tomatoes, courgettes and runner beans, and telling me to take what I wanted.

And now the sun's coming out!


Kath said...

All's well that ends well, then Silve.

orchidlover said...

Glad the day ended welland there wasn't too much damage from your leak

Love and hugs Gina xxx