Sunday, 19 September 2010


This is what my patches of lawn look like this morning after a badger has been visiting... Could be worse but if I catch my foot in one of the holes I'll lose my balance and you can never get all the soil back in the hole to make it level again.....

My next door neighbour is upset about the damage to his lawn and, unfortunately, blames me for encouraging them in as I put out food for them, but to be honest, they'll come anyway. There's not a lot you can do, as badgers climb as well as dig. I have a couple more photos, too, but won't put those on - the badger picture comes from a couple of years ago as I didn't take any good ones this year even though they were coming in the daylight. The most I've had in one visit is four and I think they must have been a family group with one scooting in and out of the shrubs, having a fine old game.

A hole under the fence between the neighbour (above) and me was blocked by next door but the badger just dug another one which exits under my hydrangea bush and the track they've made goes across another flower bed and under a hole under the 'other side' neighbour's fence. But they feed them, too, so I'm OK there.

Badgers eat all kinds of things but dig for worms - unfortunately also destroyinga bees nest in the ground a few years ago, taking two nights to clear it out completely... I leave out apple cores, jacket potato skins, peanuts, bread and peanut butter, porage oats rolled into a small ball with water, just enough to make it stick together and any bird seed disappears, too. And tulip bulbs...

I put up with the damage for the pleasure of seeing the black and white face (and the rest of it!) slowly and cautiously advancing up the path in the light from the security light, put up just for this purpose. And one came visiting in January this year when the snow was quite thick on the garden - I managed to photograph a footprint with the claw marks showing so knew what had been around.
They're part of our British wildlife and I'm pleased they choose to come into my garden.

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What a very interesting post Silve, I enjoyed this very much.