Thursday, 30 September 2010


I took this photo a couple of days ago when it was raining. The gossamer seems to have arrived at last but mostly on shrubs or trees which are densely packed with leaves.

'According to legend, this delicate thread is the ravelling of the Virgin Mary's winding-sheet, which fell to earth on her ascension to heaven....... Probably the name is from Middle English "gossomer", goose summer, or St. Martin's summer (early November) when geese are plentiful...'
This comes from Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable - my copy is stuffed with bits of paper giving definitions for all sorts of things which have caught my fancy.
I still think this looks like medieval chain mail because it's heavy with raindrops.


Kath said...

You are a mind reader Silve, thats exactly what I was doing this morning, taking pics of cobwebs! I scoffed a lot of blackberries too while on our walk and ate a few bits accidentally!
Lovely photo.

orchidlover said...

Beautiful photo. I don't know whether it's the weather but there seem to be an awful lot more cobwebs about this year

Love and hugs Ginaxxx