Saturday, 31 July 2010


Hallo, Crafty Cat Corner!
I've just read your request on Kath's Blog so am sending you the address where I found this quilt. It's quite addictive but, as usual, the cutting takes longer than stitching together. It was a bit hit and miss at the end but seems to have come out OK and you can always lengthen it as I did when I realised the trimmed strips were going to be too short.
I'm just waiting for a skein of cotton perle to arrive so I can Mennonite Tack it now I've put together the sandwich.
Haven't yet sorted out how to attach a Comment Form to my Blog so - hope to hear from you in the future!!
The address is Scroll down and there's the quilt, called An Easy and Colorful Herringbone Quilt. I think Chevron is a nicer nme for a vegetarian to use...


Kath said...

Hello SIlve, am I your first visitor. The comments box appears when you click on "comments" under the post.

Sylve said...

Hi Kath. Thanks for that - a real learning curve, this Blog business!!

Kath said...

I remember it well Silve :D